Corporate Drive Dental Clinic

Teeth Whitening

If you would like to have a smile that lights up a room, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available. At Corporate Drive Dental Clinic, we specialise in teeth whitening.

Drinks such as tea and coffee as well as smoking and other lifestyle factors can negatively impact the appearance of our teeth. Our whitening service will remove surface stains from the enamel, rejuvenating your smile.

Whilst one size fits all bleaching kits are available online, we do not recommend them as they rarely achieve the desired results and in some cases can cause damage to teeth. Instead, we offer our patients a tailored take home whitening kit.

Home whitening kits also come in handy if you wish to extend the life of your in-chair treatment. This allows you to restore your smile quickly and easily whilst minimising visits to the dentist.