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Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent alternative to bridges and dentures for patients who are missing teeth because of periodontal disease, extraction or injury. They can restore function, and renew your smile.

The major advantage of dental implants is the fact that they are highly durable and look almost identical to natural teeth, making them an ideal long-term solution for people of any age. They will restore complete function and drastically improve your physical appearance, providing you with the ability to enjoy soft and hard foods with ease and benefit from a beautiful smile!

There are many reasons why patients may opt for dental implants, including:

  • To regain self-confidence and improve their smile
  • To regain the ability to chew soft/hard foods and reduce wear on remaining teeth
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from becoming dislodged/shifting out of place
  • Maintain bone structure
  • Improve stability of removable dentures
  • Long term solution – lasts far longer and requires less maintenance than bridges or dentures


Dental implants are anchored securely within your jaw, and they are capped by a ceramic/porcelain crown which is custom made to match the appearance of your existing teeth. The implant itself is made from medical grade titanium in the form of a screw, which over time will become integrated with the surrounding bones through a process called osseointegration. Titanium is perfectly safe for the human body, and implants are designed to last approximately 20-30 years. In some cases, it is possible for them to last even longer.

The process is quite involved and is usually completed over a couple of months. Initially you will require scans/X-rays which will be used to determine the placement for the implant. The implant will then be surgically placed, and it will need to remain in place for about 2-3 months to allow the implant to stabilise. Finally, you will then need to return to your dentist to have a mould taken of your mouth. Once the crown has been manufactured, it will be placed into the foundation.

It is almost impossible to tell a dental implant apart from natural teeth, and your new implant will function in the exact same manner. Dentists at Corporate Drive Dental Clinic have extensive experience in dental implants, and we carry out all procedures with the utmost care and attention to detail. We only use the best quality equipment, and our modern facility at Parkview Business Park Heatherton is conveniently located for busy professionals, local families and individuals. We are just a short distance from the surrounding suburbs of Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Clarinda and Bentleigh East.

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