Corporate Drive Dental Clinic



Corporate Drive Dental Clinic specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions. Regular visits to the dentist are important if you wish to maintain the state of your teeth and gums. From routine check-ups through to specialised treatment such as fillings, extractions and root canal, our specialist team of dentists are here to look after your dental health.


From children through to teenagers and adolescents, Corporate Drive Dental Clinic help to promote the importance of healthy dental habits from a young age. Our dentists are patient, friendly and caring towards children and our brand-new facility allows us to provide the best possible care. Working in consultation with parents, we aim to prevent disease before it happens so that your children can enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.


Make a great first impression and get the smile you deserve with our teeth whitening, implants, veneers, crowns, bridges and smile enhancement services. We can correct chipped, broken or stained teeth so that you can enjoy increased self-confidence and a great smile for life.


Restore a bright, white shine to your teeth with our teeth whitening services. Our in-chair and tailored take home products will improve discolouration caused by coloured food/drinks, so that you can smile with pride. We use premium quality whitening gel to provide you with stunning results, contact us to book a session today.


Corporate Drive Dental Clinic can fit dentures to replace missing teeth. Dentures are worn by people of all ages, and they make it easier for people to eat and speak. Recent advancements in technology have made dentures more comfortable and more natural in appearance, so they are ideal for those looking to improve functionality and appearance. We specialise in partial and full dentures, contact us today to arrange a consultation and discuss your options.


Replace missing teeth with a high-quality dental implant from Corporate Drive Dental Clinic. We specialise in dental implants which will restore functionality to your teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile. Implants are a long-lasting alternative to bridges and dentures, which have a natural appearance that is preferred by many patients.


The pulp (nerve) of your tooth is susceptible to infection, which left untreated it is unlikely to resolve itself. Corporate Drive Dental Clinic can administer root canal treatment in order to relieve pain and save your tooth from unnecessary extraction.  This treatment will clear infection by removing the diseased pulp and filling the affected area to prevent reinfection. If you experience pain or throbbing within your teeth, contact us today to book an appointment.


Made from a thin layer of porcelain or composite resin, dental veneers are placed over your teeth to improve appearance, colour and to protect the enamel from further damage. Veneers are much less invasive than crowns and are a great way to improve your smile if you have crooked or discoloured teeth. Book an appointment with our specialist team today.


A custom-made dental crown will restore the structural integrity of your teeth and enhance appearance. Teeth can be weakened due to decay or trauma, as well as general wear and tear. Crowns will renew the appearance of your teeth by covering cracks, chips and stains which are visible above the gumline. They are made to match the colour of your existing teeth and are ideal for patients who wish to improve their smile and reduce the risk of tooth fracture.