Corporate Drive Dental Clinic

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are custom-made for each patient, and they are an effective way to protect a tooth which has become damaged due to tooth decay or trauma.

Crowns are normally made from porcelain, although they can also be made from metal alloys or composite. The crown is applied around the natural crown of your existing tooth, which is all parts of the tooth visible above the gum. The crown reduces risk of fracture by improving structural support and restores your ability to chew and speak normally.

You should consider getting a crown if you have:

  • Decayed or damaged teeth
  • Teeth at risk of fracture
  • Defective Fillings

Alternately, patients who are missing 1 or more teeth can have a porcelain bridge made to fill the gap:

  • Maintain natural bite
  • Improve chewing ability
  • Improve appearance and smile
  • Reduce the risk of teeth shifting due to the gap
  • Prevent healthy teeth from becoming damaged due to excessive wear


Obtaining dental crowns or bridges normally requires two or more visits.

Before a crown or bridge can be prepared, your dentist will need to assess the affected tooth. If a crown or bridge is determined to be appropriate, first step is the preparation of the tooth/teeth followed by an impression of the area and a temporary crown. Manufacturing of the crown or bridge normally takes around 2 weeks. Corporate Drive Dental Clinic only use highly reputable Australian dental laboratories with a reputation for quality workmanship. An appointment is made before leaving our clinic for the crown or bridge to be fitted.

At the fitting, we will remove the temporary crown and place the new permanent crown over your tooth. The process takes around half an hour, and we will make sure that the fit is secure and comfortable before you leave our office. If necessary, we are able to make minor adjustments on the spot.

Whilst most patients have crowns placed for practical reasons, they can also be used cosmetically to improve the shape/colour and overall appearance of a tooth. At Corporate Drive Dental Clinic, we use the latest dental technologies to create crowns and bridges for patients of all ages.

Will a crown or bridge match the surrounding teeth?

Yes. Crowns and bridges are a remarkably effective way to improve the appearance of your smile, and your dentist will take note of the shade of your existing teeth so that the colour of the crown can be matched. Remember that crowns cannot be whitened, and they will naturally become discoloured over the years.

How long will porcelain crowns and bridges last?

You can expect your crown to last around ten to fifteen years before needing replacement. It is important that you pay close attention to your brushing and flossing regime to minimize the risk of decay within the supporting tooth. You should also make sure to visit us on a 6-monthly basis for routine check-ups, as we will be able to identify any issues and correct them before they get worse.


The team at Corporate Drive Dental are highly skilled and have extensive experience with the provision and fitting of dental crowns and porcelain bridges.

We look forward to welcoming you to our modern dental practice in Heatherton, just a short distance from the surrounding suburbs of Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Bentleigh East and Clarinda.